Local WordPress Development – Laragon and Beyond

This free course is for people who want to run WordPress on their own Windows computer.  With a local WordPress install you can create your website "off-line" and publish it on the Internet when you are ready.  Local WordPress also allows you to test themes and plugins and make changes without breaking the site that the public sees.

We will be using Laragon.  Laragon is a PHP development package that includes everything needed.  "Laragon" is a program for Windows that installs and allows you to manage the Apache web server, MySQL database engine, and the PHP language interpreter.  This is what is needed for WordPress.  Easy, fast, free, and well supported -- Laragon hits a home run.

In the first part of the course we download and install Laragon and we setup WordPress. We also do a quick tour of Laragon features. This covers the essentials that users should know about.

The second part of the course is provided in a "cookbook" format where small, targeted tasks are explained and demonstrated.  These include tasks such as switching to a different version of PHP, modifying some of the PHP settings, or updating Laragon itself when a new version is released.

The third part of the course includes lessons about setting up a "starter" site and how to publish your site on the Internet.